3/22/2020 Corona virus

What is the corona virus? All that you need to know is that it is VERY contagious, and you need to stay away from people. My mom says that you should keep six feet away from other people. Do not listen to Google. Google thinks that it is three feet. IT’S NOT!!!! Also, there are no vaccines and the scientists are testing the almost vaccines on Lemurs! Poor Lemurs. Also, there is almost no toilet paper, because people think that they need to stock up on toilet paper and not food. So they are all going to starve because they have no food.

And most schools are closed, so students are now learning online,( I’m sure that you already knew!) and public schools might have to make up this in the summer, so hopefully this ends soon. How can you stop it from spreading? Wash your hands is what everyone is saying, but just washing you hands is gonna do nothing. You need to wash your hands, stay away from people, if you have to be near someone, stay six feet apart, sneeze/cough into your elbow, and STAY HOME!!!!

My Questions: Where did the Corona virus start?

Does the person who spread this feel guilty?

Do they even know that they started it?

3/15/2020 Let’s get digital!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get digital is something Shane had us do when there was NWEA and flu all week. I don’t have anything else to write about so I am writing about this now. Shane has probably done this with all of the other 6th grade classes before us, so you might know how this works. Again, I have nothing to write about, so bear with me. The reason I have nothing to write about, is because my last blog was on BUBBLEGUM GROSSNESS and we’re still doing that so……

Lets get digital is where Shane made a Google slide, and it had a link to FlipGrid on it. I honestly had no idea what FlipGrid was until this. FlipGrid is a website where you can make videos and share them with your teacher.  Anyway, I had to make a video about FAKE NEWS. First we had to research, then we had to make the video. Lars and Gus both made funny videos before actually submitting their videos. They were pretty funny. Some of the other topics assigned included cyber-bullying, mindfulness on the internet, and internet safety.

My Questions: Who invented FlipGrid?

Do other schools use FlipGrid?

What is the percentage of people that are safe on the internet?

3/8/2020 Bubblegum disgusting grossness

We are studying matter in science, so that means that we have to learn about matter. Which means that we have to do the bubblegum grossness experiment. WARNING!!! This is disgusting! We took a piece of bubblegum, and we had to figure out what the mass, volume, and density of a non-chewed piece of gum. Gus and I thought, this isn’t as gross as we thought it would be. It turns out that I had to chew the gum for TWO minutes, and then I had to find the mass, volume, and density of the CHEWED GUM!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!

And the worst part is, I had to roll the sticky, and wet gum, until it could fit in the alumni cylinder to find the volume of the CHEWED GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO gross!!! I had to do it three times! EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!! Sometimes I wonder how Shane comes up with these things. Our prediction that the density would go down each time I chewed it was correct. And don’t worry, I washed my hands A LOT!!

My questions: What would happen if we had more gum?

What would happen if I chewed it for longer?

Why did all the boys decide not to do it?


3/1/2020 Mary Anning

Mary Anning was born in 1799 in Lyme Regis, Dorset England. She lived with her mother Mary,(also known as Molly) and her father Richard, and her brother Joseph. When she was one year old, there was a traveling circus going through town, and when everyone went to see it, there was a thunderstorm. The woman holding Mary stood under a tree to stay dry, but the tree was struck by lightning, and the woman died. Mary survived because her parents were able to revive her.

When she was 12, her brother found a skull of what he thought was a crocodile, but it turns out that it was an ancient dinosaur called an Ichthyosaur. A few months later, Mary found the rest of the skeleton. Together they had found the most complete example of an Ichthyosaur at the time. Unfortunately, when they sold the Ichthyosaur, they didn’t get the credit. The person who bought it from them got ALL of the credit. So not fair.

My Questions: What time does the science expo start?

Did she have a middle name?

How old was Joseph when he discovered the skull?

This is a picture of the Ichthyosaur Mary found.

2/9/2020 Influenza

So, for the past few weeks, people have been getting sick. I was sick and my mom made me stay home, and she had me get swabbed for influenza. Getting swabbed means your doctor sticks a Q-tip up your nose, and then puts it in a machine and it tells you if you have influenza. It turns out that I did have influenza B, and that most kids have been getting influenza B. Apparently, there are 3 kinds of influenza. A, B, and C. C is less severe, B is what I had, A is what kids usually get the most, but this year it’s B.

When school closed, it was because 7 teachers were sick, and 33 kids were sick. I think it may have been because people didn’t get their flu shot. Some people may have taken the Black Elderberry Syrup and thought that they were protected. The Black Elderberry Syrup is NOT scientifically proven to help with the flu. But the flu shot is. When you think of being sick, you think of sitting on the couch watching TV. When you’re sick, you actually don’t care. I was “watching” Pets 2, but if you ask me a question about it, I probably won’t remember, because I was half asleep.

My Questions:   What % of people get flu shots?

Can you be allergic to the flu shot?

Who discovered the flu?


2/2/20 NWEA

So, last week the younger kids did their NWEA testing, this week we have to do it. NWEA is a test that the teachers make you do three times a year. If you like doing them, your really weird. NWEA’s are the worst. Thing. Ever. You do it spread out over the week, and then you do either Reading, Language, or Math. You do like, one a day. It’s baddddddd.

When you do the test, you have to answer around 50 questions, and the computer DOESN’T tell you if you’re right or not ( I’ve heard that the younger kids have it tell them if they got it right), and last year it would read to you if you wanted it to, now they only let people have that if they really need it. You get your scores back in like….. Maybe a week. When you get your test scores, you can’t read it, because it’s a weird bar graph, and your parents say you did great, but you don’t know if they’re lying or not.

My Questions:    Who writes the questions for NWEA?

Do homeschool kids do NWEA?

Why don’t we have it read to us any more?

1/19/20 Renaissance

So, for the past two weeks, middle school and 5th grade were doing multi-age. This means that we were split up from our regular class, and were mixed up with other classes. I was a 6th grader with some people not 6th graders and some actual 6th graders. Like me. Last year we did a multi-age unit on trash. I know, it sounds terrible, but actually, I liked it more than the Renaissance, because… I don’t know. I just did. We got to make puppets out of trash, write a play for them, and watch Ted talks about being zero waste.

In the Renaissance, we had like, a billion projects, and we’re going to have a little thing. I don’t really know what it is, but we get to show off all of our homework and projects. And I think that’s pretty cool. In science, we made the Gutenberg press out of Popsicle sticks, and a wanted poster. In Duncan’s class we made a Sonnet, a Soliloquy, and we had to make a homemade poster about someone for homework. In french class we wrote letters to people, and then stained them with tea to make them look old. In PE we played some Renaissance-y games. In Art we made paintings. And there is much, much, more.

My Questions:

How long was the Renaissance?

When did it end?

And why?


1/12/20 Puerto Rico

So, for the last few days of winter break I have been in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has very a different temperature then here. I came back with a sun tan so….. It was like, 81 and sunny so….. And I also climbed a mountain in the RAIN FOREST so….. I also spent a day on the beach so….. These are all examples of the difference. We do not have a mountain in the US. That is the closest rain forest to the US. Technically, Puerto Rico is in the US, but technically it is not a state so it is not part of the US.

Puerto Rico is a third world country, (even though it’s not a country) which means that it is really poor. It is kinda like Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is right next both of those places also. This means that the shopkeepers, restaurant owners, and businesses all want you to buy their stuff. The one exception to this is on Dia de los Reyes. In English, this means three kings day. They all celebrate the three kings coming home, and in Old San Juan, they throw this HUGE festival, where they pass out free food, candy, and even kites. Why kites? I don’t know! This festival is for the kids of Old San Juan, because not all of them get presents on Christmas, so they hand out presents. Presents. They handed out 3,500 presents to the kids.

My Questions:    How many presents were handed out last year?

Who organizes the festival?

How much rain falls in the El Yunque rain forest per year?

This is a picture of a waterfall on El Yunque called La Coca. You can hike to the top and take a really cool picture from the bottom.



10/20 Parachuting Cat’s

So, this week we read a story about Borneo. In the 1950’s, Borneo had an outbreak of Malaria. Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitoes. Some people decided that if they sprayed DDT all over Borneo, all of the mosquitoes would die and everything would get better and the malaria outbreak would disperse. The mosquitoes did die, but, then some gecko’s decided that those mosquitoes would be yummy! So they ate the mosquitoes, and then the geckos died! And the local cats decided that the dead geckos would be really delicious! So the cats ate the dead geckos, and then the cats died! And it turns out, that the mosquitoes had been eating these wasps that ate thatch eating catterpillars, and when the catterpiller population grew, so did the number of roofs that fell down!

By then the people who sprayed the DDT noticed that roofs were falling down, and cats and geckos were dying. So, they decided that they would parachute in cats that would save everything by being cats! They ate the things that there were to much of, like mice, because when there were no cats to eat them, the mouse population skyrocketed! So the cats ate the mice and the mouse population died down, and things went back to normal.

My Questions: How many cats got parachuted into Borneo?

How long does it take to rebuild a roof?


12/15/19 Winter Concert

On Thursday, 4th through 8th grade all performed in a concert called the Winter Concert. We have this concert every year, just like Tapestry. I think we all we a little bit nervous, because when we were lining up, Ms. Tobin had to tell us to calm down many, many times. I really didn’t like the lanterns, I thought it looked better without them, but the parents liked it so…

I really liked the Orchestra song Little Drummer Boy, because I didn’t mess up once, and it’s a really good song. I think it might be cool if we had the people that weren’t in Strings or Orchestra, maybe they could sing the words to the song, and it would be pretty cool. It also would be cool if we could do it as a round. We could have half of the group do one part, the other half does the same part, they just start later. And the same with the singers.

My Questions: How many people were in the audience?

How long did the concert last?

How long did it take for Gus to learn his dance?

Please comment if you are really excited for Tapestry!